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As Disability Confident Leaders, we demonstrate our commitment to raising the aspirations of disabled people through our innovative self-employment support, teaching  the skills required to be successfully self-employed and earn an independent income.

We believe more learners with special educational needs should be encouraged to explore self-employment skills to see if they are able to create a sustainable role for themselves, one which fits in with their disability and challenges.

That’s why we have creates 3 bespoke programmes! Each SAMEE support service is completely tailored to your individual goals and needs. DEBSS is our adult provision, SISE or ‘Steps’ is our young adult provision (with optional qualification) and our newest programme the Self-employment Supported Internship! 

Supported Internship

for Self-Employment!

Our newest programme is now up and running! This Self-Employment Supported Internship runs alongside the Steps into Self-Employment Qualification with the added opportunity of real industry experience!

SAMEE is offering this opportunity to young disabled people, with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). Please see the flyer for additional details on how this programme works… 

SISE Programme

Steps Into Self-employment

The SAMEE charity is proud to offer the UK’s first bespoke self-employment programme for special educational needs learners.  Our ‘Steps into Self-Employment’ programme has been accredited as a level 1 customised qualification by NCFE and is available to learners without the need for Maths and English. 

Through the SAMEE teams individualised guidance and support, disabled people are able to articulate their dreams and aspirations for their futures. For some learners, the clear aspiration is to enter the world of work and live independently. To support this goal, we have created a groundbreaking Steps into Self-Employment programme which teaches valuable self-employment skills and fully addresses the holistic needs of disabled learners.The course is co-designed to increase the possibility and probability of sustainable self-employment as a positive outcome for all disabled learners. By engaging with one consistent adviser, families and other members of the circle of support, learners will have a real chance of achieving their dreams of greater independence.

Through our programme, learners can expect to develop:

  • Self-employment skills including bookkeeping, diary management and social media marketing
  • Business planning skills including customer research, test marketing tools and a planning canvas
  • A supported self-employed role

This is achieved by:

  • Completing activities which will support their self-employment aspirations
  • Attending weekly one-to-one self-employment skills building sessions using the resources and materials from our unique qualification programme

We are committed to increasing the possibility and probability of sustainable self-employment for people with special educational needs.

DEBSS Programme

Disabled Entrepreneurs Business Start-up Service

The SAMEE Charity supports disabled adults seeking employment through our DEBSS provision, the Disabled Entrepreneurs Business Start-up Service. DEBSS enables disabled adults to develop the skills they need to get into self-employment and away from dependence on benefits. We also provide support to find traditional employment for disabled adults struggling to find a job which suits them and their capabilities. 

DEBSS teaches self-employment skills through a mix of peer mentoring and personal guidance with our qualified SAMEE self-employment advisors. We are committed to providing friendly, personalised support to ensure our participants accomplish more. 

Our intensive support style gives our participants a huge boost of confidence with the realisation that they could overcome the main administrative barriers to their dream of becoming their own boss. We have helped make an immediate positive impact with all our beneficiaries so far through the support DEBSS provides. Our guidance makes self-employment more accessible for people with disabilities and the need for specialist services. 

DEBSS one-to-one support meetings cover essential self-employment skills such as, how to conduct a test marketing exercise and how to create a robust business model. Our qualified business advisors specialise in different areas so we are able to match each participant with the advisor that’s right for them and has a background that best supports their individual needs. 

DEBSS will support the participant from the very start of their self-employment journey with exploring business ideas all the way up until they launch their business. Following this, we provide in-trade support which can be accessed whenever the participant needs it. 

We aim to lower the barriers to work for disabled adults so they can become financially independent with raised aspirations directly leading to significant improvements in their personal lives. 

Through our support and partnerships we have achieved many significant outcomes for people with learning difficulties and additional needs, enabling them to secure sustainable self-employment or a traditional employed role.

To read some real examples of disabled people we have supported into self-employment, visit our Directory or Case Studies page!

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